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Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market


The Goal

The goal of this logo redesign was to take an outdated logo and make it new and fresh, more fitting to the companies target audience.


The Research

What I found is that the target audience of the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market is mainly women in their 30’s-50’s who have children. These mama’s want to put the best and freshest food on the table for their families.


The Mind Map

I went through all the words I could think of that related to farmers’ markets in general. With these words in mind, I went through my first round of sketches. From there I narrowed it down to tractors and barns as my main logo icons. As you can see, I obviously went forward with the barn idea. I thought it best because when you think of a farm, the barn is the main focal point.

In the next round of sketches, I went through different variations of word marks to accompany my logo, not nearly as fun as the other sketch sessions but obviously very necessary.


The Branding Guide

After all the fonts and colours were chosen, and minor fixes done, it was time to create a branding guide and some versatile stationery. I had a hard time deciding between two layouts for these but ended up choosing the one seen below. Overall the layouts keep with the theme, while still being classy and professional. I love how the logo and branding guide came out. It wasn't easy, but I really enjoyed the whole process from beginning to end.

10/10 would def. do again.

Original Logo

Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market original logo

Mind Map

Mood Board

Farmers Market Moodboard

First Sketches

Focused Sketches


Word Mark Sketches

Branding Guide



Package Design

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