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Petits Macarons by Lori

Petits Macarons by Lori closed packaging

The Goal

This package redesign was aimed at taking a 100% plastic package and redesigning it into an environment-friendly item. The original packaging was just not hitting the right target audience. Brianna to the rescue! I redesigned a whole new package while still using their original logo, and I must say, it is just fabulous!


I found that the target audience of a dessert like macarons are women aged 18-30 in the middle/upper class. They are living their best lives and are all about treating themselves. In a time where everybody is “Instagramming” pictures of their food, the packaging is very important. I know that when I go to the store, I always go for the more attractive package designs.

Keeping these women in mind, I chose to stay very feminine and use a light pastel pink alongside a more vibrant shade of pink, and white. Since these women are treating themselves, I decided to make the package look a little like a gift box.

The Environment

The planet is something that I really care about. The new-and-improved packaging is made of recycled materials and because of the way I designed it, no glue is required to keep it in shape unlike most cardboard packaging. No more harmful plastic!

Feel free to treat yo’ self ladies!

Petits Macarons by Lori old package design

Original Design


Petits Macarons Moodboard
Petits Macarons by Lori dieline design

Dieline Design

Dieline Design Interior

Petits Macarons by Lori interior dieline design
Petits Macarons by Lori open packaging

Final Product

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