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GoodLife Transit Sign

The Goal

This web & print series was aimed at enticing teens into enrolling for a free summer program at GoodLife Fitness. The challenge in this was to go with a design that is familiar to the whole lot of them.

Targeting The Audience

When targeting teens of all ages, it’s safe to assume that they’re probably all students. Knowing this, the appearance of a chalkboard is something that they are going to be familiar with. Chalk has a very recognizable texture and appearance (and sound *cringe*). Bright colours on a dark background are quite hard to miss as well, making the illustrations and type very easy to read.

A teens attention span nowadays isn’t the greatest. Keeping that in mind, the words most important have been bolded so that even if you just skim over it, you’ll get the most important information.

The Illustrations

The hand illustrations were drawn by hand before being brought into Illustrator and traced using a chalk textured stroke. Let it be said I am not the best drawer of hands, so I am pretty proud of how they came out.

The Theme

I decided to go with a theme that was all about empowering others to be the best version of themselves. I wanted to create an uplifting positive vibe, which is why in the illustrations you see two people encouraging and helping each other to reach their goals. I created three variations used throughout the ads: “Girls Supporting Girls”, “Friends Helping Friends”, and “Bros Being Bros”.


The idea behind it is that GoodLife wants as many enrolments as possible. If I can get into these teens heads that this could be something fun to do with their friends, then that means possibly two enrolments instead of just one.


GoodLife moodboard



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Goodlife transit sign

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